Bed Bug Control

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Beat the bites with bed bug control services

Sleep Soundly in Lowell, MA

While bed bugs aren't usually dangerous, they can be irritating, itchy and downright uncomfortable to think about. When you're ready to get rid of bed bugs for good, hire a bed bug exterminator who will do a thorough job. Count on the A & M Pest Services pros to help you tackle your pest problem efficiently in the Lowell, MA area.

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5 signs you probably have a bed bug problem

You'll want to call a bed bug exterminator right away if you notice:

  • Small spots of blood on your pillows or sheets.
  • Clusters of flat, red bumps on your neck, arms or legs.
  • Specks of egg shells, shed skin or fecal spots on your linens.
  • A musty odor, sort of like a wet towel, near your bed.
  • The presence of bed bugs on your clothing.

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