General Pest Control

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Prevent Pests From Invading Your Home

Schedule a general pest control appointment in Lowell, MA

Identifying the weak spots around your house where pests could make themselves right at home is important. Prevention is the best approach when it comes to pests and bugs. A & M Pest Services offers general pest control to protect your home from any pests that decide to make themselves at home. Our exterminator is excellent at identifying and treating all pests around your home in Lowell, MA.

You can count on us when you want to keep your home pest-free. Contact us today to schedule a routine general pest control appointment.

We can apply standard or organic treatments

Pest control sometimes gets a bad rep since it can involve using harsh chemicals. Our team wants you to be in control of what goes in and around your home. That's why we offer standard and organic general pest control treatments. Our exterminator will apply whatever treatment you prefer to your home. Both work amazingly well, so you won't have to compromise when it comes to coverage. Learn more about our treatment options by calling 617-633-5011 now.