Mosquito Control

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Don't Let These Bloodsuckers Ruin Your Backyard

Rely on our mosquito control services in Lowell, MA

No one has fond memories of sitting outside and constantly swatting their arms to kill a mosquito before it bit them. You should be able to enjoy your yard in Lowell, MA. When the mosquitoes are swarming and you feel surrounded, contact A & M Pest Services. We'll schedule fogging services where we spray the exterior of your home to prevent mosquitoes from flying around.

Our team can assess the current level of infestation in your yard and provide treatment recommendations. Take back your yard by calling 617-633-5011 now.

When mosquitoes bite, we fight back

Mosquito bites are the telltale sign of summer, but sometimes they get out of control. Instead of plastering your skin with mosquito repellent, let our team provide you with a less sticky solution. During your mosquito control appointment, we'll:

  • Utilize fogging services to create a barrier in your yard
  • Establish a perimeter of mosquito coverage
  • Adjust bushes and trees to spray them effectively

We'll cover every inch of your yard so you can sit outside and sip a drink in peace instead of swat at mosquitoes. Talk to our mosquito control experts about your pest problem today.