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Stop Living in Fear of Rats

A & M Pest Services offers rat control in Lowell, MA

There are many places where one might expect to see rats, but your kitchen shouldn't be one of them. With A & M Pest Services, you won't have to live in fear that you'll flip on the kitchen light and watch rats scatter.

We offer a variety of rat control services that will eliminate rats from your home or business in Lowell, MA, restoring it to its former glory.

Ready to remove your rodent roommates? Call us today to schedule an appointment with a rat exterminator.

5 reasons why you can trust us to handle your rat infestation

Proper rodent control requires an exterminator to first find out how the pests are getting into your property. Once we know that, we can implement a removal plan. You can count on us to handle the job because we follow a thorough rat control process, which consists of:

  • Baiting rodents
  • Trapping rodents
  • Removing rodents
  • Repairing damage
  • Sealing holes

Take control over your property again. Contact us now to receive a free rodent control estimate.