Rodent Control

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No One Wants to Hear Scratching in Their Attic

Turn to us when you need rodent control in Lowell, MA

Rodents are an absolute pain when they move right into your home's crawl space. They scratch at your walls, leave droppings everywhere and carry disease. You shouldn't have to share your home with anyone you don't want to. A & M Pest Services offers rodent control to protect your home from rodents and other small vermin.

Every rodent control service includes rodent removal. When we trap vermin, we'll disinfect the area and remove them safely. Call 617-633-5011 now if you've seen signs of rodent infestation around your house in Lowell, MA.

Our process is thorough

We don't just take care of the rodents you hear in your crawl spaces; we also get to the root of the problem. All our initial inspections are free, so you can feel confident we're attacking the issue from all sides before we get to work. Our process includes:

  • Setting up rodent bait
  • Trapping the rodents
  • Fixing damage caused by infestation
  • Sealing and filling all holes
  • Removing trapped rodents safely

Count on our team to perform expert rodent control and rodent removal in your home. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.